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Marko Šantić

Co-Founder and CTO

Alongside Dino Ravnic, Marko is the main technical mind behind the GIS Cloud platform. He created one of the first fully interactive online maps that was possible to browse, search and add your content to, five years before Google Maps. It was a map of the capital of Croatia and the project was launched in 2000, while Marko was still in high school. Even then, it was obvious that his restless spirit won’t settle for anything ordinary so it didn’t take long until he met Dino and decided to turn their college hobby into a business. The two founded their first company in 2007, invented the concept of vector tiles and implemented it in a proprietary map engine technology, years before the industry discovered the potential of that approach.

Marko leads the team of developers, outlining the future of collaborative GIS. As one of the founders of GIS Cloud, his vision combined with expertise were the essential prerequisites for developing innovative technologies that positioned GIS Cloud as one of the leaders in the industry. Marko’s experience in design and UX were crucial for a slow shift toward creating an unmatched user experience for GIS Cloud users.

Marko’s capacity for learning new things, open-mindedness and rarely seen talent for a wide variety of areas also made him an award-winning dancer and a self-taught instrument player who places a high value on achieving the good balance of body and spirit. You can see him attending all kinds of events, always eager to explore the unknown and think outside of the box what proved to be crucial both in business and personal development. Above all, Marko enjoys travelling and exploring new cultures and cuisines.

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