The Merge Wizard enables you to merge geometry of several layers into one.

  • Currently supported formats are ESRI Shapefiles and PostGIS tables for vectors and GeoTiff files for rasters.
  • Source layers have to have the same geometry type (point, line or polygon). It is not possible to merge e.g point and polygon.

To merge files, follow the steps below:

  1. Select Merge Wizard from the Tools tab.



  3. The Merge Wizard dialog should open.



  5. Click Browse button next to Sources and select layers you wish to merge.
  6. Click Browse button next to Destination and write a name of the merged layer in the File name box. Click Select.



  8. In Merge Wizard dialog, click Merge button to merge the selected layers into one.



You can add the merged layer to the map with Add layer option. The merged layer is stored in File manager. More about adding layers can be found here.