File Manager is used for managing and uploading new files to GIS Cloud.


  1. Tools
    • Refresh Current Folder
    • Select All
    • Create new file – file name can’t contain ‘/’ or ‘\’ characters.
    • Edit text file – edit text file.
    • Create New folder
    • Duplicate file/folder
    • Move to different folder
    • Rename
    • Edit structure – add, remove layer attributes. At the moment only ESRI Shapefile is supported.
    • Unzip archive – if the uploaded folder is zipped, this option extracts files. Note that only .zip file is supported.
    • Download selected file(s) – download files locally on your PC.
    • Delete – delete selected file/folder. This operation can’t be undone.
  2. Upload data from local computer
  3. Address bar – shows path to the selected file
  4. Name of the currently selected file/folder
  5. Filter files by file type
  6. Search files by name

More about working with the File Manager can be found in the Import and Export Data section.

Note: to perform geometry or attributes editing, layer has to be imported from the File Manager to the Database.

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