GIS Cloud allows embedding the public maps in a third party website. Here are the instructions on how to generate the code for embedding the map.


  1. Open Share or Publish option from the Maps tab and share the map with the public.



  3. Click Embed tab.



  5. Following settings are available:

    1. Width x Height – Define the dimensions of the map in pixels.
    2. Choose your content display method (iFrame or JavaScript).
    3. Map Extent – choose between current view or initial map extent.
    4. Options – include Layer List (Legend), Toolbar and/or Info Popups.
    5. Code – Copy code into the part of the page where you want to show the map.
    6. Popup preview – openes the map in the separate window


  7. Paste the code in your website

Note: If the map is not visible, check if it is publicly available.