There are few ways to see features attribute data:

Data Grid

Data grid is displaying all features attributes of the selected layer.

    1. Select layer in the Layer List.
    2. Hold and drag Data Grid button from the bottom of the map view to expand Data Grid.



  1. Browse through attribute data associated to each feature of selected layer.


The selected feature is zoomed and highlighted when you click on the attribute associated to it.

Identify tool

Identify tool enables you to see the attribute data of the selected feature in the Info panel. When the tool is used the Info panel appears on the right side of the screen.

NMT_Select_Info panel1

Info Window

You can also use info window to display attributes right on map.


  1. Double click on the layer or go under Layer tab and click Edit layer icon.
  2. Open Attribute tab.
  3. Check Use info window to display attributes checkbox.
  4. Click Save.