What is Map Editor?

GIS Cloud’s Map Editor is a powerful cloud-based map editor that enables you to easily build and share your maps. It supports a number of vector and raster formats, rich GIS symbology and it has built-in collaboration capabilities.
Developed on the latest HTML5 technologies, it is the first of its kind application with full vector-based editing and real-time updates to the geodatabase.




Why Map Editor?

Map Authoring

  • Create and edit maps, layers and features (points, lines and polygons)
  • Rich GIS symbology with customizable rules (expressions), thematic map wizards and powerful label management
  • Supports multiple vector and raster formats (.shp, .kml, .gpx, .tif, .sid, …)
  • Edit spatial and non-spatial data

Data Sources & Management

  • Upload and sync data (files, DB, API)
  • Supporting multiple sources: vectors, rasters, WMS, ESRI ArcMap, Basemaps (Google Maps, Bing, …), Mobile devices, MapBox, PostgreSQL, Excel, CSV, …
  • File and database manager
  • Tabular and window pop-up for non-spatial data view with attribute aliases, filtering and re-ordering


  • One-click map sharing with other GIS Cloud users
  • Share with view or edit capabilities
  • Share over permalink
  • Per layer sharing permission settings

Publishing and Export

  • Easily publish your maps through the embed code, WMS and Google Maps
  • Customize and integrate using the API
  • Export maps to high resolution raster images
  • Export vector layers to spatial vector formats (.shp, .mif, .kml, …)
  • Print

Spatial Queries & Analysis

  • Do hotspot, buffer, area & radius coverage analysis
  • Write complex spatial selection expressions using spatial selection wizard
  • Create new layers from a selection