In Layer Properties under Advanced tab you can set layer encoding, tooltip (label that appear when you roll over map object), hide geometry, set geometry precision or add layer options.


lay prop



Encoding defines system in which data in data grid will be displayed. If you use non-latin script, then it is possible that data will not be properly displayed in the data grid. In this case, you can select encoding from the drop down list. Default encoding for the most layers is UTF-8.


There are two options for labeling features in GIS Cloud:

  1. Tooltip – non-permanent labels that appear when you roll over map object.
  2. Permanent labels – are always visible on the map above feature. Under the appearance settings of the layer it is possible to set labels.



Hide geometry

If hide geometry option is enabled, layer geometry won’t be visible. Note that layer’s labels will still be visible e.g.

Hide geometry option is turned off:




Hide geometry option is turned on:




Labels are still visible, but the geometry (polygons) are not.

Geometry precision

Defines resolution of drawn tiles when zooming in and out the map.