To add Web Map Tile Service into the Datasource Manager:

  1. Select Datasource Manager from the Tools tab.
  2. Click Add WMTS in the Source Browser.
  3. Write a WMTS name and URL of the dataset.
  4. Click Save button.
  5. NMT_WMTS1

    WMTS is added to a project as shown below:

    1. Select Add Layer from the Layer tab or Map tab.
    2. Select Web Map Tile Service in the Source Browser.
    3. Select WMTS layer.
    4. Click Select button.
    5. Choose a Layer, Tileset, Format and style and click Ok.
    6. Click Save on the Layer Properties dialog.

    Note: System will probably ask you to change a projection. Click “Yes” because if projection doesn’t match, layer will not be visible.

    source browser_wmts