This portion of the documentation introduces other types of sources that can be included in a GIS Cloud project.

Supported data sources are:

  1. Files – Upload files from local computer.
  2. Database – Load spatial data from the database.
  3. Web Feature Service –¬†Add features as an editable version of data that one would view via WMS.
  4. Web Map Services – Add maps as a standard protocol for serving georeferenced map images over the Internet that are generated by a map server using data from a GIS database.
  5. Web Map Tile Service – Add data as a pre-rendered georeferenced map tiles over the Internet
  6. Tile Map Service – Loads rasters of maps like Open Street Maps, Mapbox or Bing; these can serve as a simple basemap.
  7. Mobile Data Collection – Add data from your mobile device.
  8. GIS Cloud Maps – Load maps from GIS Cloud database.
  9. Esri Arcmap – Upload shapefiles with our free extension for Arcmap.
  10. Datasources – add data which was shared with you from another GIS Cloud account