The Tool Ribbon provides you with clear view of all tools within their categories. Easy access to tools through the ribbon allows you to use GIS Cloud more efficiently.

The following is a brief overview of the tools on the ribbon:

Map Tools – With a focus on the map, this is a clear way for users to reach map-related features.



Layer Tools – Provides all functionalities needed to work with layers and datasets e.g. adding and editing, sharing, creating new or deleting existing layers as well as importing CSV and XLS files, exporting layers and creating reports.



Feature Tools – includes Edit Tools (tools used for editing layer settings, as well as adding or removing features from layers or cloning and merging features) as well as Select Tools (select tools set allow operations to be performed on your layer, geographic area or feature of choice i.e. spatial selection, spatial filter, creating new layer from selection and emailing features).



Analysis Tools – Spatial data included in a project can be analyzed using the following tools. Note that layer has to be imported into the database to perform analysis.



Tools – The tools menu gives access to data-related operations and access to several wizards.