The tools and their functions are:


Search – Search for the attribute data in the layers or search places and addresses
Layer List –  Layer list shows list of layers in the map
MapViewer_Toolbar_wem Zoom in – Increases a zoom level of the map
Zoom out – Decreases a zoom level of the map
Show/hide toolbar – Toggles the toolbar
Info – Identify a feature on the map and show its attribute information
Select – Select a single feature in an active layer (Hold CTRL for multiple selection)
MapViewer_Toolbar_i Area selection – is used to draw a rectangular box and select features within it
Untitled Freehand selection – is used to draw a simple shape and select features within it
Zoom to current – Zooms pointer to the current position
street view Google Street View – click on a street and Google Maps Street View will open in the separate window
Zoom – Click and drag a rectangular box on the map to define the desired view extend. Zooming can also be achieved by a mouse scroll
MapViewer_Toolbar_print View entire map – Zoom to Full Map Extent
Print Tool – Exports the map with all visible features and basemaps
MapViewer_Toolbar_measure Measuring ToolsMeasuring tools allow interactive display of coordinates, distances and area on the Map View
 MapViewer_Toolbar_scale Map Scale – shows current map scale
MapViewer_Toolbar_change_units_proj Change units projection – changes projection format
  Jump to Coordinates – display the current coordinates of the cursor on the map. To define specific coordinates and have the view zoom to the specified position, left click and enter coordinates
  Selected Objects: – displays number of selected objects on the map