It is possible to remove black edges from the georeferenced rasters in GIS Cloud Map Editor.

Note: only RGB rasters are supported.

  1. Add georeferenced raster on a map in Map Editor.



  3. Open Layer Properties (Layer tab – Edit layer).
  4. Click on the white box under Appearance.



  6. Set NoData value to 0 and under Output format select PNG.



  8. Click OK and Save.



Repeat process for the each raster in the map.

If black edges didn’t disappear please check:

  • Only RGB (3-band) rasters are supported
  • NoValue data is usually 0, but it can be different too. Try adjusting NoData Value to 1,2,3 etc.
  • If the edges are white, set NoData Value to 255
  • If there are some “crumbs” left in place of black edges, it is necessary to adjust the source range. Source range is by default set from 0 to 255. If there are “crumbs” left, that means that black edge was not black but a shade different. You can try to adjust the source to e.g. 5 to 255. Values from 0 to 4 will be hidden.