Merge tool is used for merging or replacing features’ geometry. It is possible to replace or merge only layers with the same geometry type e.g. a point layer and a point layer.

Merge tool is located in the Map Editor, Feature tab. You can choose to Replace or Merge geometry.




Note: All layers need to be added to the map from the Database datasource. Here you can find instructions on how to import data into the database, and here how to update the layer source.

Replace Geometry

Replace geometry tool is used for replacing one feature’s geometry with that of another. Geometry of the target feature will be replaced with the geometry of the source feature.

To replace geometry:

  1. Select an editable feature (the target).
  2. Select Replace Geometry option.
  3. Select an editable feature from another layer (the source) to use its geometry.
  4. Click Accept.




The result: target feature’s geometry is replaced with that of the source feature. The new feature is stored in the target layer, but the geometry is cloned from the source feature.




Merge geometry

Merge geometry tool is used for merging multiple geometries into one. Features have to be in the same layer and their geometries have to overlap.

  1. Select an editable feature.
  2. Select Merge Geometry option.
  3. Select an overlapping feature from the same layer.
  4. Click Accept.




The result: separate features are merged into one feature.