Clone tool is a tool used for copying features from one layer to another.

  1. Select a layer you want to edit.
  2. Go to Feature toolbar and click on Clone tab. You can choose to clone only geometry or attributes as well.
  3. Click on features of layers of the same type as selected to clone their geometry.



    Make sure that all the layers you are using to copy features are in the Database. If you want to copy features from another source (ie. shapefile), the first step is to import your data into the database.

    If you are copying just feature geometry, window with attribute input form will pop up empty and you will need to enter attributes before you can save the new feature.


    When you are copying geometry and attributes, in the pop up window will automatically be imputed attributes of a feature which you are copying into your layer.

    By doing so you can accept those data or edit some/all of them.