Multiple rasters can be automatically combined and added to the map as a mosaic. This option is useful when adding many rasters to the map.

In this example, we will show how to add two TIFF rasters as a mosaic (single layer) to the map.

  1. Open Map Editor.
  2. Upload the rasters to File Manager.
  3. Move all rasters to a single folder.



  5. Open the map and click Add layer.
  6. Navigate to the folder where the rasters are stored.



  8. In File name box enter *.tif



  10. Click Select. The rasters should be added to the map as a single layer.



Note: *.tif will add all the rasters in the folder as a single layer. “*” replaces the letters in the name of the raster and it is possible to combine the names of rasters with “*” e.g. 2016*.tif will add to the map all rasters whose name starts with ‘2016’. This option is useful if only some of the rasters need to be added to the map.

It is possible to remove the black edges as described here.