Why should I download the Mobile Data Collection App?

GIS Cloud Mobile Data Collection enables you to have media enriched location information from any place, any time and on any device. With only a few taps of your finger you are populating data into a map layer in real time. Analyze, share and publish your newly collected data or review and update your previous data.

For more information about Mobile Data Collection please click here.

What is the price?

Click here for info about product and pricing.

Where can I download the application?

iOS version

Android version

Can I gather data when there is no internet connection?

Yes, you can use Offline mode, but note that it is not possible to switch between projects and log out from mobile device until Internet connection is reached. Here you can find more information.

Can I send my data to multiple users and applications?

Your mobile device can send data to several accounts and applications, note that you have to have Collect and/or Update permission assigned for each project/map.

How to assign Mobile Data Collection licenses?

In the GIS Cloud Manager, under the Users tab you can create and manage your organization, assign licenses and manage user groups. Find more info here or watch the video.

Where can I find Get started tutorial for Mobile Data Collection?

Here you can find Getting started tutorial for MDC. Take a look at our blog.