Why should I sign up to the Map Viewer?

Ma Viewer is an easy way to view and access maps and data, Optimized for non-professionals that need a simple and easy way to access maps and Geospatial content.

For more information about Map Viewer’s features click here.

What maps can I view in the Map Viewer?

In the Map Viewer you can view all maps you’ve created in the Map Editor application, maps that other users shared with you and public maps.

How to export maps?

Here you can find info on how to export maps.

Can I export layers from maps that other users have created?

You can export only those layers for which you have the permission to download. Every map owner decides what layers he wants to share and who will have the permission for exporting.

What tools can I use?

Map Viewer enables you to interactively view and explore dynamic maps, share and export data you need for your work, perform basic selecting queries by attributes or location for simple data analysis and visualization, print maps, data table viewing, search features of your interest etc. For more information about tools in Map Viewer click here.

Is there some kind of user manual I can use?

You can access GIS Cloud User Manual here.