Why should I sign up to the Map Editor?

GIS Cloud’s Map Editor is a powerful cloud based map editor that enables you to easily build and share your maps. It supports number of vector and raster formats, rich GIS symbology and it has built-in collaboration capabilities.

For more information about Map Editor’s features click here.

How to upload data and what kind of data can I upload?

Here you can find full list of supported formats and detailed instructions on how to upload data.

How to edit a layer?

To add new features, edit geometry and attributes or perform analysis, layer has to be imported into the database. Here you can find instructions on how to import layer into the Database. When a layer is imported in the Database, you have to add it again in your map from Database datasource.

How to create layers in the Map Editor?

Here you can find info on how to create a new layer.

How to to add new column in the Data Grid?

Here you can find info on how to create a new column.

How to share maps to other users?

GIS Cloud has several options for sharing and publishing data. For more information about sharing and publishing click here.

How to assign Map Editor, Map Viewer or MDC licenses?

In the GIS Cloud Manager, under the Users tab you can create and manage your organization, assign licenses and manage user groups. You can find more info on this link.

Is it possible to share different layers with different permissions?

Yes, you can adjust permission for each layer in a map. Here you can find more info.

How to add more basemaps into the same map?

You can add as many basemaps as you want in your map using Tile Map Service as a Datasource. You can find instructions on how to add basemaps here.

How to export attribute data?

You can export attribute data using Export option from the Data Grid. You can also use Report option to export attribute data. Here you can find more info and instructions on how to export attributes.

How to download photos from GIS Cloud?

You can download photos using Report option and hitting CTRL+S on your keyboard. Other way is to download images from the File Manager using download option from the Tools ribbon. If you have a large amount of images, best way to download pictures is to use Secure File Transfer Protocol.

How to attach media files to a feature?

Here you can find instructions on how to attach media files to a feature. Note that layer has to be imported into the Database.

Where can I find Getting Started Tutuorials?

Here you can find our Getting started tutorials, our Video channel and blog.