Integration with Existing Systems

Create Rich, Interactive And Stand-alone Web Mapping Applications

  • Utilize GIS Cloud REST And JavaScript API
  • All you need to get started is GIS Cloud account to access API key
  • Do it easy with GIS Cloud developers wiki and examples

Integrate Business Data Or Just Customize with API

  • Connect to geospatial software and data – ESRI, Autodesk, Geocommons,…
  • Connect to business software and data – Salesforce,, CRM’s, ERP’s
  • Cutomize apps, tools, layout to fit your needs

Publish GIS Projects As Overlays on Google or Bing Maps

  • Integrates with Google or Bing Maps API (Javascript and Flash)
  • Leverage your data without need for basemaps
  • Add geo and analytical strenght to your existing mapping