Why should you partner with GIS Cloud?

Let’s simplify the concept of GIS: relating any kind of informational data to a location. So think about what that means for your business. Location can be everything from a delivery route, addresses, management territory, service boundaries, administrative units and so on. From the business perspective, knowing the spatial relationship between you and your clients can not only improve your project efficiency but also can increase your client number and revenue.

Add cloud to it and you suddenly get a new dimension of your business, as you but also your clients are no longer fixed to only one location. This means a more dynamic environment, more real time collaboration and more happy clients.

This is the scenario: You have clients, you use GIS and you know just how much benefits GIS brings your business. However, you want your business to go further and take the full advantage of spatial and location components GIS and Cloud provide. You want faster and more intuitive solutions for both your coworkers and clients.

GIS Cloud invites you to unlock the full potential of your business by partnering with us.

Why should you partner with GIS Cloud?

  • take advantage of the best and fastest cloud mapping platform out there
  • integrate your solutions with ours, creating fully custom and user friendly approach for your clients
  • improve your collaboration with coworkers and clients at the same time
  • implement solutions for small and medium companies – a new and emerging market
  • increase your ‘bear’- business, efficiency, accuracy and revenue
  • delight your clients by delivering high quality and high performance cloud GIS solutions

What GIS Cloud does for you as our partners?

  • right to re-sell GIS Cloud applications
  • access to our distribution channel
  • early access to new features
  • business support in marketing and (pre)sales activities
  • discount on GIS Cloud licenses for your internal use
  • complementary demo licenses

How can you apply?

Apply here!