Why Mobile Data Collection Portal?

For everyone who wants to take their field data collection to the next level, here are some interesting facts about Mobile Data Collection Portal.

Creating forms, accessing the form/project in MDC app and making edits within the app from anywhere, anytime on any device

Key values:
  • Free sign in/use your existing username
  • Create and edit as many custom forms and projects as you want
  • Add as many fields as you want like select lists, radio buttons, hidden fields, barcode, latitude, longitude
  • Access the projects and forms with your Mobile Data Collection app
  • Full and real time data display
  • Share your projects with other users (manage your permissions)
  • Create and save reports (with all the data and media collected) to your desktop (hit ctrl+s)

For more ideas on how to utilize MDC and MDC Portal check our Field Data Collection and Inspection Solution

Use cases: