Webinar: Extend Crowdsourcing Solution With a Custom Workflow

After we presented the demo of our Crowdsourcing solution on June 27th, our next webinar scheduled for July 19th will extend this topic further, showing you how to set up your unique workflow using the GIS Cloud platform.

Crowdsourcing demo


The main part of the webinar will be dedicated to a live demo of GIS Cloud platform and apps that enable creating custom workflows on top of crowdsourced data. You will learn how to extend mapping projects and make the most of the information you collected with additional analysis, tools, and collaboration in GIS Cloud.

Webinar time and date:

Wednesday, July 19th at

8 am PST   11 am EST   5 pm CET



These topics will be covered:

  • Key benefits of GIS Cloud and Crowdsourcing solution
  • Live demo showing how to set up a custom workflow in GIS Cloud
  • Q&A session


Who should attend:

  • Anybody interested in extending their workflow in GIS Cloud
  • Local and Federal Governments, Local Government Services, Non-Governmental Organizations and Consultants who want to make their organizations smarter or work with clients who are interested in Smart City solutions
  • Those who want to know more about applications and benefits of GIS Cloud
  • Existing and future GIS Cloud users as well as partners