Webinar: Everything You Need to Know about Map Portal (explained in 30 minutes)

Dear GIS Cloud Community!

In the “Map Portal month”, following our special offer we have prepared for you a special webinar about using GIS Cloud’s Map Portal for data publishing purposes. Igor Farkaš will talk about reasons for using Map Portal, its applications, possibilities and benefits. A special focus will be on using Map Portal for local governments and consulting industry. Talk will be followed by a discussion, where you can ask anything you want to know about Map Portal and GIS Cloud’s platform.


Webinar Time And Date:

Thursday, October, 8th At:

9:00am PDT    12:00am ET    



Following Topics Will Be Covered:

  • Why use Map Portal for data publishing purposes
  • Applications of Map Portal in various industries
  • Using Map Portal for federal and local governments,  consulting and anyone who want to show their data to larger public.
  • GIS Cloud Map Portal users success stories coming from all over the world

Who Should Attend:

  • Local governments who are looking to setup a Map Portal for Citizen Engagement
  • Consultants who want to help their clients setup a custom branded app
  • All organizations who want to show their public data to larger audience