Webinar Announcement: Using GIS in the Railroad Industry

On  December 7th, GIS Cloud will host a webinar dedicated to exploring the applications of GIS Cloud in the Railroad Industry.

GIS Cloud Railroad webinar

Tomy Brown, the owner of Geomobiliti Inc., a Florida-based company specialized in GIS for short-lined railroads and offering GIS services to other industries, will showcase an example of using GIS Cloud in the Railroad industry.


Wednesday, December 7th at:

8am PST   11am EST   5 pm CET



Following Topics will be Covered:

  • How to increase efficiency in the Railroad industry with the help of GIS
  • Benefits of using GIS Cloud
  • Real-life use case from the Railroad Industry
  • Discussion

Who Should Attend:

  • Those who work in Railroads industry and want to improve efficiency and accuracy in their daily workflows
  • Consultants who work with companies from Railroad and similar industries
  • Existing or future GIS Cloud users who want to explore different ways to use GIS Cloud apps


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