Webinar Announcement: GIS Cloud Smart Cities – City Portal

Citizen  Engagement Portal

Encouraged by a great interest for “GIS Solutions for Smart Cities of the 21st Century” webinar, we decided to start with a series of Smart City short webinars, designed specifically for one segment of possible GIS applications for a Smart City.

First webinar in the series is titled GIS Cloud Smart Cities : City Portal, scheduled for next Thursday, February 11, 2016.

A great City Portal is the face of a city, providing an incredible amount of information in just a blink of an eye. Knowing that the key for becoming a smart government is in fresh, accessible and accurate information, city web map is a very good initial step towards being a smart government. Also, it is an excellent source for gaining citizen feedback about government and city infrastructure, resources, projects and much more. Moreover, City Map Portal may serve as a way to drive citizen engagement in a quick and efficient way.

Portal has allowed me to create very detailed and information rich web mapping application with limited resources.  (Josh Forner, City of Darwin)

Webinar Time and Date:

Thursday, February 11, 2016 at:

8:00am PST    11:00am EST    5:00 PM CET



Following Topics Will Be Covered:

  • Why City Map Portal is a good way to make your city or organization smarter
  • How to use Map Portal to drive citizen engagement
  • Various applications of Map Portal for numerous departments
  • Using Map Portal for federal and local governments, consultants and anyone who wants to show their data to larger public.
  • Real-Life Examples: City of  Canton, City of Darwin and others 


Who Should Attend:

  • Local and federal governments and their departments whose goal is to drive citizen engagement with smart solutions
  • Local governments interested in Smart City projects
  • Consultants who want to help their clients setup a custom branded application
  • All organizations who want to show their public data to a larger audience


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