Support GIS Cloud Proposals at FOSS4G 2017

Talk Proposals at FOSS4G


Dear GIS Cloud Community,

We are very excited to sponsor this year’s FOSS4G Conference that will take place in Boston, from 14th to 19th of August 2017.

FOSS4G is OSGeo‘s annual global event focused on Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial. Each year, the conference brings together a wide variety of participants and organizations forming a community for sharing ideas, thoughts and enthusiasm for a constantly-expanding field of geospatial.

Our team put together a number of proposals concerning different topics. In order to get a chance for a presentation at the conference, each proposal needs to go through the community voting process. Community review deadline is April 10th, 2017.


If you want to show your support for GIS Cloud team at the conference, join the reviewing process and vote for our proposals:

  • Don’t Code, Configure: Turn Your Maps into Apps
  • The Crowdsourcing Trio
  • Building a Complete Crowdsourcing Solution
  • The Dynamic Forms Challenge on Mobile
  • Offline Maps Sync using SQLite
  • Collaborative Mapping: Introducing The Concept of Real-Time Streams
  • Building a complete GIS Mapping Platform Using React + Redux and React Native
  • The Role of GIS in the Smart City Framework
  • Saving Lives with Collaborative Mapping
  • Raising Citizen Engagement with Collaborative Maps
  • Identifying Pathogens Using GIS Data Collection Apps to Improve Public Health
  • GIS for Forestry and Arborists – Improving Tree Preservation and Management Process
  • Making Geo Technologies Cool: Engage Students in Mastering GIS and Mapping


Vote for the proposals here.