Special Offer – Mobile Data Collection Facts

Mobile Data Collection is a tool for iOS and Android devices which allows you to collect data from the field in real time, populate custom forms and work even in offline mode. This app gives you the possibility of collecting accurate and timely information which increases productivity and reduces response time.


Mobile Data Collection allows you to:

Collect data (Review and Edit Data)

  • Real time collection of current and accurate data
  • Offsite data management
  • Review and edit possibilities of attributes and media collected right from the MDC application
  • View and explore maps in the field

Create Custom Forms

  • Create forms custom to your needs and field of interest using Map Editor
  • Add and populate as many fields as you need (text, numbers, radio buttons, select lists…)
  • Add various media like photos and video recordings
  • Ability of adding GPS or compass heading, altitude and speed data

Work in a Multiuser Environment

  • Analyze and share data with other departments (one-click map and data sharing)
  • Rich GIS symbology and visualization
  • Data editing and exporting
  • Overall productivity increase, reduction of response time and cost efficiency

Optimize your Workflow

  • Eliminate issues like poor quality, incomplete, unavailable and outdate data
  • Offline mode data collection (in areas without internet connection)
  • Pinpoint tool which enables manual placement of point data in case of low GPS accuracy in given area
  • Possibility of linking media to spatial data

To illustrate the capability of GIS Cloud Mobile Data Collection application, we have released a short case study about the tree inventory in the City of Maple Grove.