Special Offer – Map Editor facts

Did you know that Map Editor allows you to:

Create as many maps as you need

  • supports multiple vector and raster formats (.shp, .kml, .gpx, .tif, .sid, …)
  • customizable symbology – thematic map wizards and powerful label management
  • adding and editing features

Manage your data

  • data interoperability
  • supports different services like WMS, TMS, WFS, WMTS
  • media integration (photos, video, PDF, URL)
  • filtering and re-ordering

Share your maps and data

  • sharing with other GIS Cloud Users
  • per layer sharing privileges
  • sharing with view or edit possibilities
  • sharing over permalink

Publish, Export and Print your maps and data

  • embedded maps (WMS, Google Maps)
  • customization and integration using API
  • exporting vector layers to spatial vector formats (.shp, .mif, .kml, …)

Perform Spatial Queries and Analysis

  • hotspot, buffer, heat map, area and radius coverage analysis
  • creating new selections
  • creating new layers from a selection
  • writing complex spatial selection expressions using spatial selection wizard

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