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Maps for smartphones and tablets


We are preparing new, exciting Map Viewer and Mobile Data Collection capability for smartphones and tablets – Offline Maps!


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If you are doing field work in offline conditions, take all of your mapping data offline and explore the benefits of GIS Cloud Map Viewer.

The feature will also be available in Mobile Data Collection app.

Offline maps feature gives you an opportunity to access your maps on smartphones and tablets providing the best experience for its users due to the fastest map engine in the world the app was built on. That means that any amount of data stored on your device will load with an incredible speed.

With an early access, you will get open access to offline maps feature.


Why would you choose Map Viewer for accessing your mapping data on smartphones and tablets?

These are the main reasons:

  • Free mobile app that allows viewing and accessing maps
  • The fastest map loading speed out there
  • Supporting multiple raster and vector formats
  • You can upload any amount of data on mobile and tablets
  • Info tool
  • Supporting media integration (photos and other file formats)


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