Presenting: Field Service Inspector

Dear GIS Cloud Community,

Greetings from San Francisco!

We are proud to announce that we have successfully launched our first app on the AppExchange: Field Service Inspector.


What is Field Service Inspector?

Field Service Inspector is the newest GIS Cloud app that enables you to collect and manage field data from any location on any device in real time.

Key values:

  • Collect data from the field in real time
  • Simple, easy and customizable user interface
  • Compatible with iOS and Android
  • Extends the reach of Enterprise GIS to the rest of the Salesforce Enterprise
  • Integrates and interoperates with existing enterprise applications to get you more value out of the location based data
  • Coordinate and collaborate from any location on any device in real time

How do GIS Cloud and Salesforce work together?

By closely collaborating with, we developed an intuitive and user friendly app that empowers your distributed and mobile workforce.
Field Service Inspector provides you with located, documented, processed and prepared data about your assets and Salesforce customers in a matter of minutes, directly from your iOS or Android phone or tablet.

  • Manage and edit your projects by creating custom forms that make the data collection faster and easier.
  • Share and collaborate on analytical tasks in real time.
  • Work in a multiuser environment.
  • Coordinate and collaborate with your mobile workforce from any location on any device in real time to fasten your everyday workflow.
  • Create and manage your data reports online., by the words of its founder Marc Benioff, as a cloud-computing leader “has been focusing on helping companies to connect more deeply with their customers and unlock greater levels of growth, innovation and success”.


We will be presenting Field Service Inspector at the Dreamforce Conference – THE Cloud – computing event of the year. GIS Cloud core team would like to invite you to come and join us in attending this conference and see our app first hand in San Francisco.

To conclude with a thought of Marc Benioff:

This is the renaissance! This is the great time of the cloud!