Opening of the GIS Cloud Blog

Dear visitor welcome to the GIS Cloud Blog! From now on this will be the central place where you will be able to find news, information, updates, tutorials, articles and videos about GIS Cloud and generally GIS.

Our mission is to bring GIS on the next level. To make it easy for people that aren’t primarily from GIS industry, but also to keep it enough powerful for true GIS experts.

Lately Cloud Computing is a buzz word in geospatial industry. Some GIS software companies are accepting Cloud Computing as a sure thing that is coming and that will revolutionize GIS. But mostly they are talking about hybrid systems where some of GIS software is still held on desktops. Our philosophy is to provide all features in the Cloud and to make GIS accessible and affordable to anyone. This is why our main philosophy is free services and commercial services with pay-per-use model. Beside switching to Cloud Computing, we believe that true GIS revolution can only come if GIS becomes available for the masses.

In our efforts to build a full featured web based GIS we plan to strongly rely on the community, on You. We very much appreciate any kind of feedback. Therefore if you have any suggestion, question, idea please feel free to contact us here or open a topic at the forum. Soon we will start series of tutorials. If you have a suggestion about interesting topic that you would like us to cover just send us a note.