New Feature: Embed Maps with Toolbar, Layer List (Legend) and Attribute Info

One of the features requested by the community was embedding maps with additional functionality like toolbar, layer list, attribute information, etc. Recently we made an update to GIS Cloud that enables this. Now it is very easy to have a GIS Cloud map embedded together with toolbar, layer list and attribute information in any website or web application in matter of seconds. It only takes to copy&paste a small amount of HTML code.

What makes this great is that now it is possible to have all changes to map visible instantly anywhere where map is embedded. GIS Cloud always renders data in real-time. This cuts down GIS project deployment dramatically and provides an effortless way to publish and share your data by integrating it with the rest of the Web.

Here you can try a fully functional map embedded with these new options:



Beside toolbar and layer list functionality there is also “info” tool that provides a way to select any map object and get all attribute information associated to it:


Bellow is a screenshot of the Share and Publish form showing where to get embed code with these new options:


What other functionality would you like to have embeddable?