New Feature Brings Easier Data Sharing

We have released a new feature, available in GIS Cloud.

User Groups feature is used for simplifying the process of creating, managing and editing custom user groups for the purpose of assigning a set of permissions to all of the group members at once. In cases when there are many users on a project, using the user group feature significantly reduces the time and effort dedicated to management of user permissions.

You can create and manage your groups in GIS Cloud Manager, under the Users & Groups tab.  After you click on ‘Groups’ button, you can enter the group(s) name and add any number of members to a group.

Group 4.2-s

It is also possible to create any number of subgroups with different permission levels. To create a subgroup, drag&drop existing group under the parent group. Parent group will inherit all permissions assigned to the child group.

Groups 5

In the GIS Cloud you can share maps and layers with different permissions. e.g. map is shared with view permission, and one of the layers is shared with edit permission.

Permissions are assigned in the Map Editor, Mobile Data Collection Portal or Maplim