Mobile Data Collection: City Infrastructure Research Case Study

To illustrate the capability of GIS Cloud Mobile Data Collection application, we’ve released a short case study about the infrastructure maintenance and management with the real example of park infrastructure in the City of Koprivnica, Croatia.


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There are many departments responsible for city’s infrastructure such as roads, street lights, trees, traffic signs etc. that have various functions and responsibilities.
But one common thing that binds them all is the need for an accurate and timely information about the assets available to all the employees in the office and in the field which would allow them to collaborate in real time.

The Challenges

  • Poor quality, incomplete, often unavailable and outdated data about city infrastructure
  • Non standardized collecting methods
  • Discontinuous workflow that resulted in high cost management
  • High cost software and hardware
  • Need for GIS solutions that allows access by multiple users with different accounts

The Solution

  • Mobile Data Collection for collecting data based on custom forms (location and photo of a damaged asset, audio and text comment about a specific damage) in real time optimized for iOS and Android devices
  • Map Editor – a full featured cloud-based GIS for managing your assets, creating custom forms, analysing spatial data, creating maps and uploading data, sharing maps & data and many more


As soon as the data has been collected and sent employees in the office can react accordingly and forward the necessary information to the team in the field within few minutes.
Collected data can also be analysed and visualized on top of various available services such as WMS, WMTS, WFS, TMS and shared to other departments, managers for further assessment.
Maps can also be easily shared externally to citizens via map embeds who can then view your work and results in real time.


The Results

  • Real time collaboration
  • Data about city infrastructure collected in real time and managed off site in matter of seconds
  • Overall business improvement and general cost efficiency
  • Located, documented, processed and prepared data about city infrastructure in matter of minutes without any complications and all in one place




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