Map Portal Month: A Special Offer

Dear GIS Cloud Community! This fall, we give you a special Map Portal offer –  starting September 21.

The offer expires October 21, 2015.

Note: this offer is valid for all users who claim it in aforementioned period (regardless of the industry).

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Special offer includes 1x Map Portal subscription + 1x Map Editor Premium subscription + 1,000,000 features for the price of Map Portal subscription ($95 per month)

    Why do you need Map Portal?

  • Inform your citizens about zoning areas they live in, garbage disposals, road closures, city infrastructure & projects.
  • Engage your community online
  • Show your clients that imagery you’ve created with drones.
  • Show your work on a map and get feedback from the public now
  • For adding the data and building your maps, you can use Map Editor where you can add up to 1,000,000 features for free!

Save $55 and the cost of extra storage, and enjoy your cloud experience, using the fastest vector engine in the world!