Learn to publish your data in less than half an hour!

Create an interactive mapping solution, easily accessible to your customers/public/stakeholders…within an hour time span.

The Dare:
Make it happen in only 30 minutes!!!

GIS Cloud Data Publishing solution

  1. Upload your data or publish a map from ArcMap using ArcMap Publisher Extension (compatible now with any ArcGIS 9.x and 10.x) to the cloud.
    estimate: 3 minutes
  2. Create, style and edit your data, maps and projects (layer appearance, label management…) in Map Editor.
    estimate: 10 minutes
  3. Enrich your data with different types of media (enable access to photos, videos and URL-s with a single click)
    estimate: 7 minutes + 3 more if you end up watching a cool video you decided to upload
  4. Publish your map and data publicly or privately through Map Portal.
    estimate: 3 minutes + 5 more to enjoy the conversation with GIS Cloud premium support member
  5. Enjoy praise of your colleagues, clients and stakeholders as you have carried your challenge out successfully.
    Solution implementation estimate: 28 minutes + eternal glory


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