Introducing GIS Cloud Solutions – Data Hosting

Hello GIS Cloud Community,

We would like to present you a solution for sharing private maps and data directly with your clients anywhere anytime.

Data Hosting Solution enables you to set up your organization by administering roles and permissions of your co workers and users at the same time. Bring in your vector and raster data or publish existing projects and maps from ArcMap. Share your project results with various permission levels on any device in real time.


Let’s start with your Manager app which helps you organize licenses among you, your coworkers and your clients, assigning each of them with different licenses, permissions and levels of access.
Use Publisher for ArcMap to publish your existing projects and data with a single click. This way all the previous maps can be used in the cloud giving you the option of editing and adding new data to existing.
Upload vector and raster data (Shapefile, Mapinfo, GeoTIFF, .csv, KML…), to Map Editor faster than ever before. Add different types of media to it, make spatial queries, join tables, collaborate with your coworkers and many more.
Map Viewer gives your clients access to your project results from any location on any device. You can brand your app, making it more distinctive and recognizable to your clients. Have an individually branded Map Viewer for each of your clients with only couple of clicks.


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