How to use GIS Cloud Platform for your Success…in 5 simple steps

Follow these simple steps to get exactly what you need out of our platform for your needs, workflow and ultimate success.

Step 1: Define your industry

As we mentioned, GIS Cloud Apps are tailored for you so you can get exactly what you need custom to your Industry. Weather you are in Consulting, Water Management, Traffic or Roadworks…we have a solution for you. Our Blog Page has many use cases so before you start, you can see what other users from your industry are doing using our platform and solutions.

Step 2: What are your needs?

You have a specific idea of how your project should look like but don’t know what App is good for what part of your project. Click on our App Pages to get more info about each and every app.

Step 3: Aggregate it into a Solution

GIS Cloud Apps work integrated which means they are all connected and can work together in a form of a tailored solution. Our Solution Pages give you an overview of already pre-made solutions, however the best part is that you can always create your own, specific to your needs.

Step 4: Test it for free (30 day trial)

Once you defined the Industry, Apps and Solution, it’s time to test out the apps for free and customize them to your workflow. This way you can see how apps make your workflow faster and efficient as well as what are some of the key features you need.

Step 5: Support Resources

We are here for your every step of the way through Support Center and Resources that were created for our users.