How to consult in 4 steps with GIS Cloud

We always like to point out that it is our goal to make your everyday workflow easier and more effective. As consultants, you need a solution that will combine your projects to be fast in performance and a custom yet user friendly way for your clients to access these projects.


Chances are you already have bunch of data, so to start:

Step 1: Simply upload your data to Map Editor app.

True fact: formats that we support: shapefiles, MapInfo files, Google format files, raster files like geotiff and .ECW, WMS, WFS and many more

Your projects are your creative zone, so explore the great tools that Map Editor offers you. Once your project is ready, it is time to focus on how to show the results to your clients.

Step 2: Customize your Map Viewer app.

  • remove all the icons you don’t need
  • have your users see only your maps

True fact: customization of your Map Viewer app is free

Step 3: Brand your Map Viewer/Map Editor app

  • upload your logo
  • have the app under your domain:

True fact: White Labeling of your apps is free

Step 4: Define permissions and privacy for your projects

  • give your users view/edit/export permissions, depending on the needs in Map Editor
  • assign them with a username and password in Manager app

True fact: Manager app is free

Key takeaways:

  • Create projects with Map Editor app
  • Show the project results to your users with custom and branded Map Viewer app
  • Manage your project privacy in Manager app