GIS Cloud All-day Training with Google and Facebook

GIS Cloud visited Google on Thursday, April 21. for an AdWords session held at their London office. Later that day the education sessions continued with presentations from Facebook and Distilled. The idea of these events, organized by Seedcamp, was to give in-depth insight into how startups should use these services to advance their business.

The event at Google provided valuable insights through expert-led sessions that gave us an opportunity to learn how to get the most out of Google Web Tools, Analytics and AdWords. The startups shared their prior experience and knowledge about those products, so that the guys from Google were able to tailor sessions suited to each company’s interests.

After Google, we moved to EDITD’s office with a talk about SEO for Startups from Distilled, and a presentation on Facebook marketing. Rich presentations followed by Q & A helped each company find solutions for their current issues.

Seedcamp has once again organized an amazing day of learning for startups from their portfolio. Thank you Seedcamp, and we look forward to seeing more sessions such as these in the future.