Data Visualization and Classification (Hands-On Webinar)

Online mapping tools allow you to collect data in the field or to upload datasets directly into GIS web application. At this point, you have to make sense out of large amounts of information, and you need tools to efficiently and quickly visualize and classify your data.
Register for a hands-on webinar scheduled for May 17th and learn how to change symbology, classify data by attributes to make quick analysis, and much more.
Learn how to visualize and classify data in GIS Cloud
To make this experience as useful as possible, we decided to hold a step-by-step guided hands-on webinar, where you will be able to follow our actions in GIS Cloud apps.


We prepared a dataset for you to use during the webinar and after registration, you will receive an email with instructions to download and save the dataset (including addresses, streets, and buildings). You will need to set up a free GIS Cloud account to follow our instructions and try classification for yourself.


Join our live mapping demo and learn how to:


  • Upload data using drag & drop to create a map
  • Change symbology to have a clear overview of the data
  • Classify your data by attributes to make analysis
  • Set-up zoom levels for different layers to optimize a map with a lot of data
  • Use pop-up info windows
  • Set-up labels
  • Share your map and collaborate with others


Webinar time and date:


8 am PT   11 am ET 5 pm CET (4 pm UTC)



This is a great opportunity for GIS novices as well as for experienced users to get some handy tips and tricks and master GIS Cloud apps.
Invite your colleagues to join the webinar so you could make maps like this together!