Alternative Method for Storage Access: FTP and SFTP

Access to GIS Cloud storage until now was available only through the application. From today alternative method is available.

Every user can access and maintain their data by connecting to GIS Cloud with FTP and SFTP clients. Just connect to with your favorite FTP or SFTP software and use GIS Cloud credentials to login. For better security we suggest SFTP protocol. A good and free SFTP client for Windows is WinSCP that you can get here.

Access through FTP and SFTP offers you a new way of syncing your data with the GIS Cloud. System automatically recognizes if file has been updated and it seamlessly updates all map project and layers that are depending on that file. So once your project is configured you can set a system that automatically access your GIS Cloud storage through (S)FTP and uploads and replaces files. After that your projects will be instantly refreshed with new data without a need for any additional steps.