2015: The Year of Making GIS Simple

Maps are being used more than ever in history. Consumer mapping solutions like Google Maps have commoditized Geographic Information Systems and taken maps into daily lives of millions of people. On the professional side, many companies are still suffering from poor workflows weighted down by legacy solutions and having their data locked in silos. Even worse, such GIS solutions have been out of reach for many potential users and markets for years.

The key to fixing this is making GIS simple.

Apps and maps need to be easy and simple with an emphasis on collaboration and high user experience, so that any role in any organization can get started intuitively – from field workforce to management. By having data centralized in the cloud, apps can now provide simple and highly tailored interfaces and deliver the best user experience to any role. It is time to enable everybody in an organization to access and contribute to GIS and the cloud can provide means to achieve this on a large scale.

It is not only technology barriers that have to be taken down, but also barriers in broken business models. Simplicity is required on the business side, too. Many GIS solutions have never scaled due to associated costs and complexity when trying to deploy the system to more seats. The cloud enables simple and scalable models that enable organizations to extend GIS to their entire staff without worrying about budgets. The true cloud economy is all about being easily predictable i.e. pay as you go model with no hidden costs.

Throughout the years, we at GIS Cloud have been building such a platform and apps in the cloud and we have started from scratch. We had to push the limits of what is possible; from ground-up, we have designed a map engine powerful enough to provide lightning fast and highly interactive mapping experience with any amount of geospatial data. We have built cloud apps for composing, editing, publishing and sharing maps, field data collection solutions for mobile phones and tablets and a complete platform for building and supporting custom apps. The key principle of our development and success has been simple: focus on the customer and really just try to listen. By getting this valuable feedback we improve our service literally on a daily basis and grow together with our community in a win-win scenario.

This year we are excited to take the “Simple GIS” idea even further with the soon to be released major updates to our system and some exciting new products.

In the name of our entire team, I would like to use this opportunity to express thanks to our community and promise plenty more great features and amazing experiences.

We are opening 2015 with these announcements, our brand new Partners Program and with an invitation to join us in the Cloud with a mission of taking GIS and professional maps and apps to the next level!

Dino Ravnic,
Co-Founder & CEO