Creating, editing and sharing various types of datasources can be done with Datasource Manager. Here you can add new Table, TMS, WMS, WFS or WMTS datasource.


Tile Map Service is a protocol for serving maps as tiles by splitting it up into a pyramid of images at multiple zoom levels. With every GIS Cloud account there is numerous Tile Map Services at disposal, but with Datasource Manager can be added more.

Web Map Service is a standard protocol for serving georeferenced map images over the Internet. A map server generates images from a GIS database and serves the map in a bitmap format (e.g. PNG, GIF or JPEG), while vector data can be included as an addition. WMS can also be added from the external source to the map.

Web Feature Service while WMS refers to the sending and receiving of geographic information after it has been rendered as a digital image, WFS can be described as the “source code” to the maps that one would view via WMS. Therefore, WFS data can be added to the map, edited and analyzed.

Web Map Tile Service is a standard protocol for serving pre-rendered georeferenced map tiles over the Internet. You can also add it to the GIS Cloud and to the map.


After you create new datasource, you can share it to other users and choose which privileges will each of them have on that datasource.


  • Can view – makes source data visible to other user, but without possibility of making any changes on it.
  • Can edit – allow other user to insert, update and delete features in the shared source.
  • Can export – allow other user to export the source you have shared with him.
  • Can collect – allow other user in the field to send new data, without possibility to make changes to existing data or the one that he has already sent.
  • Can update – allow other user in the field to make attribute and geometry changes, without possibility to send new data.


Note: if you get an alert “You have 0/0 Mobile data collection subscription(s) in total available” then please check that MDC licences are properly assigned in the Manager app. Here you can find info on how to assign MDC licenses.


Note: The main difference between sharing a layer and a datasource is that with shared layer user can use this layer only within shared map and shared datasource other user can use data in whichever map he chooses.