You can use Tile Map Service to add more background maps e.g Mapbox, Open Street Maps, Bing.

To add a TMS layer into the map:

  1. Select Add Layer from the Layer tab or Map tab.
  2. Select Tile Map Service in the Source Browser.
  3. Select TMS layer.
  4. Click Select button.


Note: System will ask you to change the map projection into the web Mercator projection. This is a standard projection which is used by basemap providers (Bing, Mapbox, Open Street map). Note that basemaps can’t be reprojected into different projection. If you want to set other map projection, first remove all basemaps and then browse desired projection under the Map Properties.


To add Tile Map Service into the Datasource Manager:

  1. Select Datasource Manager from the Tools tab.
  2. Click Add TMS in the Source Browser.
  3. Write a TMS name, Tile server and a Tile path.
  4. Click Save button.


Note: Mapbox basemaps are only visible by GIS Cloud Premium users. Contact us for the more info about pricing.