The map is created in the following way:

  1. Open Map Editor and login with your GIS Cloud credentials
  2. From the Home tab select Create New Map
  3. Write the name and select one of the basemaps

create a new map

Map Properties

Additional information can be accessed and edited from the Map Properties tool. Three types of settings are available – main map Information, Advanced settings and Map Options.


new map


You can set following parameters:

  • Map name
  • Map Description
  • Map Copyright – Allows for text to appear in the lower right corner of the map.
  • Projection – Select or change a projection from the list. Note that for maps with basemaps it is not possible to a change a projection.
    The projection can be defined by:
    • Searching for a projection by entering its EPSG number or
    • Searching for a projection by using keywords
  • Map units – Select from Meter, Degree, Foot or Foot_us.
  • Background color – Defines background of the Map View.
  • Max zoom – Optional setting for scale dependency which limits the scale at which the layer is visible
  • Bounds – saves coordinates of your current view or manually imputed coordinates. Every time you refresh your map or click on View entire map you get the view extent of a map you bounded to.
  • Clear map tiles – if you experience any problems with the map display, you can clear layer tiles or reinitialize the map.

map prop
More detailed settings like setting custom search can be set in the Map Options tab.