In the GIS Cloud Manager, under the Store tab you can purchase license and review current subscriptions.

Purchase a license

All GIS Cloud licenses can be purchased in Manager app, under the Store tab.

  1. Open Manager app and login with your GIS Cloud credentials.
  2. Go under Store tab.



  4. Select one of apps and choose a plan.

    Note: if you have a question regarding licenses or the plan, don’t hesitate to contact us at .




  6. Add credit card information and Pay button.



All subscriptions can be reviewed in Manager app, under Store tab, on the bottom of the page.

List of options:


user tab


  1. Subscription – the name of the subscription plan
  2. Card – info about your credit card
  3. Available – the number of the available licenses is written in the box. Unsubscribe option will stop charging your credit card. You will be able to use the license until it expires.
  4. Unused – number of unused licenses
  5. Price – price of the license per user per month, year
  6. Total – total price of the license per user per month, year
  7. Current period – displays beggining and end date
  8. Status – Active subscriptions will be charged again after expireation, and disabled licenses won’t be charged.

Expired subscriptions are greyed.

Assigning Map Editor or Map Viewer license

Map Editor and Map Viewer license have to be assigned to a user who will use the app.

Assign licence to a created user by following steps below:

  1. Double click on the user whom you want to assign Map Editor or Map Viewer license. Menu will open from the right side.
  2. Go under User Subscriptions tab.
  3. Select Choose Subscription option next to the Map Editor or Map Viewer.
  4. Select one of the available subscriptions.
  5. Click Save.



Note: for custom aplications like Map Viewer, GIS Cloud team has to add user to the app. Please contact us at

Assigning MDC licences

All MDC licenses have to be assigned to the project owner, not collectors in the field. Project owner can assign Collect and/or Update permission for each user.


  1. Double click the project owner username.
  2. Select User Subscriptions tab.
  3. Select Choose subscription next to Mobile Data Collection app.
  4. Assign all MDC licences to the project owner
  5. Click Save.


Note: For Mobile Data Collection app it’s necessary to assign licence to a project creator, not to a collector in the field. E.g. if you assign five Mobile Data Collection licences to one user, he will be able to create a project and share it to the five other users in the field.