GIS Cloud Visualize, analyze and share your geo data online. Wed, 17 Aug 2016 15:46:06 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Offline Maps Available For Early Access Fri, 12 Aug 2016 13:50:47 +0000 Dear GIS Cloud community,

We are excited to announce that Offline Maps for our mobile applications (Mobile Data Collection and Map Viewer) are now available for early access! 

Mobile Data Collection Map Viewer Offline Maps

The latest version of MDC and Map Viewer comes with offline maps feature for all those who subscribed for an early access. These users will be notified via e-mail regarding further steps.

Now you can download your maps directly to your device and use them offline. Besides rendering maps offline, you can also search map data and get feature information. Offline mode brings you an opportunity to have a smooth workflow when doing fieldwork in remote areas.


If you haven’t subscribed yet, please contact us at

Offline Maps will be launched for all GIS Cloud users and exclusively presented at the FOSS4G 2016 conference in Bonn (August 24-26th).


Interested in Offline Maps for Mobile Data Collection and Map Viewer (mobile) apps?

Feel free to download the latest versions from App Store (MDCMap Viewer) and Google Play (MDCMap Viewer).


To get an early access, contact us here.


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Meet Us At FOSS4G 2016 In Bonn! Wed, 27 Jul 2016 15:47:38 +0000 As we announced in February, we will be sponsoring this year’s FOSS4G Conference in Bonn, Germany (August 24-26th)We will have a booth at the exhibition space where you can meet our core team in person and check out first glimpses of our new platform that we are preparing to launch later this year. Also, Dino, our CEO will have a presentation on how to get maps offline on mobile devices.
New Platform Demonstration and Meeting at FOSS4G 2016

If you are visiting FOSS4G 2016, be sure to stop by GIS Cloud booth No. 3 and meet with our team.

Where to find us?

  • Last but not the least, you can attend GIS Cloud  New Platform Demonstration on Friday, 26th of August in the Plenary Office (14:30-15:00). We will introduce some major changes to our platform, and this will be a first sneak preview before the release.


Interested in arranging a meeting with GIS Cloud team at FOSS4G 2016? Contact us at


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Mapping Your Workflow – GIS for Roadworks Live Demo Fri, 22 Jul 2016 13:02:29 +0000 .wpcf7-text { width:420px; }

On July 14th, we held a GIS Cloud live demo “GIS For Roadworks – See How it Works.” Thanks to all who attended and participated in a discussion. Your feedback means a lot to us.  
This demo recording will be useful to all our users and those who are interested in GIS Cloud apps and solutions. Although the demonstration was focused on a case study describing a workflow in Roadworks, Public Works or Highway Departments and transportation industry in general, it applies to other industries with similar use cases.
It is a great example of creating an efficient workflow that consists of project creation, asset data collection, map visualisation, data sharing, collaboration and analysis.
This recording also includes all of the questions asked by webinar attendees during the presentation.
Fill in the form and watch the video:



For any additional questions, contact us here.


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Discover the world of Geo-Marketing: FiDA & Co. Studios Thu, 21 Jul 2016 14:06:56 +0000 Geo-marketing is one of those cloud/web mapping applications utilized by businesses all across the digital sphere, usually by marketing managers and staff in organizations of all sizes and profiles. If you are doing anything marketing related, you know that knowing a perfect location for placing a billboard, pitching your tent or opening a new shop or company branch is one of the key factors contributing to your future success. Bussines---Location-Intelligence-3

Apart from planning your advertisements and business expansion, location based knowledge can contribute to various aspects of your operations, such as logistics, delivery and distribution zones, determining Wi-Fi zones or dividing sales sectors. This exciting possibility of using latest cloud GIS technology for Geo-Marketing is also utilized by some of our most active users.

That’s why we decided to talk with Ahmed Amin, Co-founder and Head of Commercial at FiDA & Co. Studios [F&CS] about his experience with GIS Cloud apps for his marketing activities. F&CS is a Media Intelligence and Out of Home (OOH) advertising agency based in Cairo, Egypt that provides customized solutions utilizing advanced technologies to assist their clients achieving their targets and ensure proper exposure, and to reach the marketing positioning through benchmarking their clients OOH advertising network vs competitors. Their focus is on strategic marketing, audit and compliance solutions for their clients based on an in-depth analysis of their activities.

Geomarketing Use Case

“The digital sphere is always challenging, evolving and a dynamic working environment. We encourage ideas, entrepreneurialism, and aspiration. Our pedigree is passion and commitment to excellence and with that, we transform our vision into reality.” – Ahmed Amin, FiDA & Co. Studios


Geolocation Tools in the Marketing Sphere

FiDA & Co. Studios [F&CS] have been working with GIS Cloud since May 2014, collecting, visualizing and analyzing their client’s assets in real time. Their data collection team covered the country nationwide to ensure and deliver a complete data visualization at high accuracy for their clients.



So, what were the main challenges in establishing a Geo-Marketing service?

Knowing that visualization and location awareness is the essential tool for planning marketing activities throughout the country, Ahmed Amin and his team wanted to create an easy-to-use visualization, analytics, and reporting tool. This tool would enable their clients to monitor the performance of their outdoor billboard campaigns or track and locate their retail, merchandising and events in real time.

Considering rapidly changing environment conditioning the marketing activities and abundance of new technologies, they wanted to stay on top of their game making the most of the cutting-edge technologies in the cloud. What they needed was a real-time app suited for marketers of all profiles. Many people in digital business are easily turned off by a difficult onboarding process, additional and unexpected costs, as well as unintuitive user interface and unresponsive apps not suited for mobile that is unavoidable at the fast pace of the industry. Real-time data collection was an absolute requirement for a successful campaign that depends on a location.


So, what was the solution?

FiDA & Co. Studios [F&CS] have created TrackMe – Egypt, the first and the only OOH (Out of Home) Geo based service provider within the region, built on GIS Cloud platform and integrated with additional analytics solution. This app was designed for geolocation and tracking of billboards, outdoor signages, retail, and other types of assets in real time. In the words of Ahmed Amin:

Whether our clients need to monitor the performance of their outdoor billboard campaigns or geo locate their retail, we help them to monitor all points in real-time so that they could be able to take prompt actions at ease, if required.

F&CS solutions are available for different sectors such as telecoms, FCMG (Fast-moving consumer goods), real estate developers, banking, automotive, NGO’s and governments. Today, their daily operations are based on grid matrix system that enables their clients to plan their campaigns taking into account their budget, geographic distribution, and other relevant factors. This system was built on top of GIS Cloud data collection and mapping platform.


Cloud GIS technology provided an opportunity for F&CS to keep up with the speed of industry because it allows updating maps, working and collaborating with clients in real time. GIS Cloud solution works across all platforms and is perfect for dynamic mobile environment of marketing sphere. Visualization on a map combined with a smoothless data collection proved to be a perfect mix for F&CS.


Efficiency is the key of our successful collaboration with GIS Cloud, providing customised forms, easily manageable apps and high accuracy of data collection.


The main benefits of GIS Cloud, in the words of Ahmed Amin, are a technical support that adds value to the integrated GIS solution, while it is a great tool for non-professional GIS users such as marketers, commercial users, and others. Cost efficiency is another important factor, due to a flexible pricing system and great value for money. For them, GIS Cloud was the optimal solution for creating customized geo-based apps while it provided additional benefits such as device tracking and monitoring capability for data collection field officers.

Applications used:

Interested in GIS Cloud solutions for geomarketing? Contact us here.


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GIS for Roadworks – See How It Works: Live Demo Wed, 06 Jul 2016 12:31:49 +0000 GIS  Cloud Roads and Transportation demo

Driven by a huge interest for our Roadwork Solutions webinar last month and in response to a lot of requests for a more comprehensive demo of GIS Cloud, we decided to schedule another webinar demonstrating full potential of our platform.


On Thursday, 14th of July, we will host a 35-minute demo-based webinar “GIS for Roadworks – See How it Works.”

This webinar is dedicated not just to those who work in Roadworks, Public Works or Highway Departments and Transportation industry in general, but for all who want to see the full scope of GIS Cloud capabilities in a real time demonstration.

The live demo will also include a discussion, where you can ask us anything related to GIS Cloud apps. This is also a chance to find out more about our recent developments and new, exciting features and developments we are preparing for the next few months.


Webinar Time And Date:

Thursday, July 14th at 7:30 am PDT    10:30am EDT    14:30 GMT



Following Topics Will Be Covered:

  • GIS Cloud for road infrastructure and maintenance full demo
  • Field data collection, analysis and reporting for road maintenance step-by-step showcase
  • Live Discussion with GIS Cloud team where you can ask questions in real time


Who Should Attend:

  • Those who work in Transportation Industry, or Local Government Highway Departments, Public Works and Infrastructure, Traffic or Transportation Departments
  • All involved in road asset management, infrastructure, maintenance and administration
  • Those who want to make their data collection workflow more efficient and eliminate unnecessary paperwork
  • Contractors and Consultants involved in Roadworks and Transportation
  • Local governments and GIS Departments working on Smart City projects
  • Anyone who wants to see a live demo of GIS Cloud apps & platform


Webinar registration link


Interested in GIS Solutions for Roadworks? Check out “Solutions for Road Infrastructure and Maintenance” webinar recording or contact us here for any additional questions.


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Introducing New Features in Mobile Data Collection Tue, 05 Jul 2016 15:02:22 +0000 GIS field inspection new features

GIS Cloud team is constantly working on improving the quality and functionality of our apps. Therefore, we would like to present a few of our new features available in Mobile Data Collection app since our latest overview.

Having a copy of an original document is always an important part in preparation process of any business. Whether you are a coordinator (manager) of a big project or a field collector, creating a copy of your MDC form saves you time and secures the backup of your forms (in case of unintentional mistakes such as deleting a form).


Duplicated form will contain all the fields and logics applied in original form, but it will not allow access to any data collected with that form. It is especially helpful when you have long and complex forms with large number of fields and conditional logic applied (dependencies). It is also very useful when you want to share a form with groups of field collectors and you want each group to have a modified copy of the original form.

Filling out a large form is time consuming for every field collector while on the other side it is important to deliver accurate and correct data for the project. That is why we have implemented Autofill option for text fields that surely improves data collection efficiency and accuracy, reduces possible errors during data entry and reduces data collection time. It is easy to use and it basically adds a value of the closest existing feature on the map to a new feature.


Another great feature we have implemented in MDC environment is Layer list which is a specially useful tool for data collection projects in utilities. Field inspection and maintenance, sanitary networks, facilities, drainage and water shortages are types of information that need to be available for your field collectors at all times. Now they can switch visibility of the layers on/off or lock the layer (prevents info pop-up) in order to display only the relevant information.

Learning from our users feedback, we have concluded that implementing even a minor change to our solutions can result in better functionality and easier data collection process.


Follow user on a map feature allows a collector to see his exact location on the map marked with a pinpoint. It adjusts depending on current map position. Zoom after send feature enables a user to maintain the map extent after new data is collected. In other words, it automatically zooms to the current mobile device location after collecting data.


Have feedback? Contact us here.


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Solutions for Road Infrastructure and Maintenance Thu, 30 Jun 2016 13:15:36 +0000 .wpcf7-text { width:420px; }

On June 20th, we held a webinar “Solutions for Road Infrastructure and Maintenance.” Thanks to all of our attendees who have shown a great interest and participated in a discussion.  
For those who weren’t able to attend last week’s webinar, we have prepared a recording, accessible upon request through the form below.  
In the video, you can find out more about common challenges for road infrastructure, public works and highway departments, their daily workflows and ways to make them more efficient. The recording also includes a live demo and a lengthy discussion.    
Fill in the form and watch the video:


For any additional questions, contact us here.

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Mapping Pathogens in Public Transit Systems Worldwide with GIS Cloud Tue, 21 Jun 2016 12:32:41 +0000

Every day, hundreds of millions of people around the world use public transit systems without noticing a complex microbiome that is invisible to the naked eye. In more than 50 cities around the world, scientists are working on building a molecular and genetic atlas of these transportation systems in order to establish a worldwide “DNA map” of their microbiomes.

Researchers studying these microbiomes as part of the MetaSUB project will use the GIS Cloud Mobile Data Collection app, highlighting the importance of its geospatial component. The initiative started with the pilot project called PathoMap, first conducted in 2013 in New York City. Three years later, this pilot has expanded into the global MetaSUB project.

On Tuesday, June 21, each transit system will be swabbed for samples that will be collected from different surfaces such as emergency exits, ticket kiosks, benches, stairwell handrails, garbage cans and elevators, as well as inside of  trains, buses, and mass-transit hubs.

Sample collectors will use GIS Cloud Mobile Data Collection to map the data points according to their geographic locations. Data fields in the form include a sample ID, place, surface, traffic level, notes, and an option to take a picture, while automatically adding a timestamp for each submission. Forms in the Mobile Data Collection have been expanded to include swabbing of different surfaces, including buses, taxis, parks, and airports. In the words of

Christopher E. Mason, an associate professor of physiology and biophysics and of computational genomics in the HRH Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud Institute for Computational Biomedicine at Weill Cornell Medicine:

We’ve been using MDC since 2013 and the app works seamlessly to enable us to collect samples across the world’s cities and literally anywhere else in the planet. We will be able to watch in real-time as data is collected around the world.

Follow the swabbing process on Twitter using the hashtag #MetaSUB


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Falas Português? Languages of GIS Cloud Thu, 16 Jun 2016 14:42:29 +0000 We are happy to announce that GIS Cloud apps have been translated to Portuguese!
cloud localization Brasil
We are looking forward to making our products closer to Portuguese speaking countries.
Except for Portuguese, GIS Cloud platform is constantly updated with new languages and we are very excited to make it available for more and more people from all around the world.
Thanks to joined efforts of our team and partners worldwide, GIS Cloud supports multiple languages across our platform. Some translations are still in progress.

With the updated translation platform, we strive to make user experience even better for our global community. So, feel free to send us feedback and we’ll make sure to use it to improve the experience for all of you.


You can change your interface language in the My Account tab:

GIS Cloud language

Have feedback? Contact us.

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Webinar: Solutions for Road Infrastructure and Maintenance Mon, 13 Jun 2016 14:05:00 +0000 Next Monday (June 20th) we will host a short 30-minute webinar showing an effective way to collect, manage and visualize data for road administration and maintenance.  

Roadworks and Traffic
When we talk about road maintenance, field data collection is one of the essential parts of road management. The most important data collected for road maintenance purposes is information on the road inventory, pavement condition (riding quality, surface distress and pavement strength) and traffic characteristics. Considering the fact that this process can be lengthy and expensive, it is necessary to ensure the best and most efficient solution for data collection and visualization.

That’s why we decided to create a showcase for an efficient and cost effective road infrastructure and maintenance data collection process proven by experiences from all over the world.

Monday, June 20th at:

At 7:30 am PDT    10:30am EDT    14:30 GMT



Following Topics Will Be Covered:


Who Should Attend:

  • Those who work in Highway Departments, Public Works and Infrastructure Departments
  • All involved in road asset management, infrastructure, maintenance and administration
  • Those who want to make their data collection workflow more efficient and eliminate unnecessary paperwork
  • Contractors, Consultants and Local Governments involved in Roadwork projects
  • Those who are interested in smart city solutions across departments


Interested in GIS Solutions for Roadworks? Check out our How to Transform City Public Works in a Few Simple Steps webinar recording or contact us here.

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