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GIS Cloud lets us offer our clients a new and exciting visualization tool to better understand the data they report.


We bring you a use case demonstrating how cloud based GIS can be used for improving decision making in telecommunications industry through data visualization, sharing and publishing. Technologies Management, Inc. (TMI) is a consulting firm established in 1986. They provide expert consulting services to clients in the telecommunications and regulated utility industries, offering extensive regulatory analysis, comprehensive informational tools and publications, effective compliance strategies and business advice.

In the last several years, there has been an increased need for broadband and voice service providers to report data to state and federal agencies based on geographic areas served. One of the most complex reports is the Form 477 filed semi-annually with the United States Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”). The Form 477 requires providers to report customer counts and deployment data by US Census Tract and Block.

Why this report was so complex for the service providers?

Technologies Management describes the difficulties that occurred in reporting as a consequence of the fact that US Census blocks can be very small – “In many cases, they are literally that, a city block. This makes printing block level maps impractical for clients who offer service in large areas or on a nationwide basis. It might take hundreds of maps to see a service area in the appropriate detail.”

TMI wanted to offer a service which would help their clients with a reporting process that was very time-consuming and not easy to comprehend: “In the past, clients have had to review report outputs as large Excel or comma delimited text files. The review process is cumbersome. And frankly, it is difficult to understand service areas from a list of counties, tracts and blocks.”


So, what was the challenge?

TMI considered sending spatial data such as tracts and blocks with telecommunication services boundaries in shapefiles to each client for review as a possibility to make the reporting process easier and more efficient for them. But, this option required clients to already have GIS software and the knowledge to use it. They have found out that was often not the case.

The main challenge was to find a solution which wouldn’t require for their clients to have established expensive desktop GIS installations and staff trained to use it. At the same time, it was important to find a software which could handle a large amount of data and display it at fast loading speed so that their clients could have an efficient workflow with this data visualisation solution.

Technologies Management Inc. wanted to find a GIS solution that would enable them to host a large amount of census data and share it easily with their clients on a web map.


The answer was cloud based solution.


TMI looked at a number of hosting alternatives for their new GIS services.

Our decision to host through GIS Cloud was due to the ease of use of the service, both for us and our clients.

The best solution was an online option that allowed TMI to post maps for review by individual clients and allowed them to access maps on any device without special software or expertise.  “We felt the GIS Cloud platform best suited our plans and made this option possible.” Building maps populated with census data with many layers was easily achievable through GIS Cloud Map Editor.

TMI is now using private maps hosted on GIS Cloud as a way for clients to visualize the tract and blocks they serve and are reporting. In addition, TMI clients can subscribe to one or more standard maps showing US Census Geography, local phone company boundaries, and other telecommunications related data. In some cases, they would make parts of these standard maps available to the general public via GIS Cloud Map Portal as well.

By converting this data into online maps, our clients can review report results much faster and have a better method for confirming that the geography described in the report is accurate.

Karta 8-1   This video shows an overview of the way Technologies Management Inc. will use GIS Cloud hosted maps in the coming Form 477 season.

Jennifer Durst-Jarell from Technologies Management Inc. summarized key features for recommending GIS Cloud:

1. User, Application and Layer Management – The ability for TMI to create and manage private user accounts was very important. It allows us to manage maps and data for multiple clients through one interface. GIS Cloud also makes it possible to customize the user interface for our clients through separate apps and portal domains. GIS Cloud’s system allows us to build custom maps made from client proprietary data as well as shared layers, thus eliminating the need to duplicate the same public layers for each client.

2. Display Speed – Maps viewed in GIS Cloud are rendered quickly. Many of TMI’s maps include layers with over 11 million US Census Blocks. Normally, this number of vectors (features) would slow down display of any map considerably. GIS Cloud handles this amount of data just fine.
3. Ability to Handle Large Datasets – Many of our map layers have over 500,000 vectors/features, the largest being over 11,000,000. The ability to upload, store and display very large datasets was key to our selection of GIS Cloud as a hosting company.

Karta 7-1

To conclude, Jennifer Durst-Jarell highlights the benefits of using GIS Cloud for TMI in their area of expertise, telecommunications industry:

TMI has been a leader in processing FCC Form 477 data. GIS Cloud lets us offer our clients a new and exciting visualization tool to better understand the data they report. In addition, it provides clients of our other GIS services a new method for viewing and sharing data both with TMI and other departments within their companies.

Want to know more about GIS Cloud’s solutions for telecommunications and utilities industry? Contact us here.


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GIS Day Contest Winners Fri, 20 Nov 2015 16:39:42 +0000 GIS Day Contest Awards

We are happy to announce winners of our GIS Day Contest! Out of 54 contest applications from more than 20 countries all around the world, we have chosen to award 3 best project ideas. Additional 3 project ideas will be awarded with GIS Cloud licenses through our partners Spatial Vision (Australia & New Zealand) and Smart Cloud (Croatia).

1st award goes to Lagos, Nigeria – Ojumu Tijesu, Adeyemo Ayodele Oba, Ogunbanwo Olumide and Eyo Okon Eyo are awarded with GIS Cloud licenses, promotion and full user support in setting up a project in Oshogbo, Osun state, Nigeria.

Their project idea “Geospatial modelling of malaria severity using climatic, environmental variables and Geographical Information System” was chosen for its great relevance for local community and proposing an achievable and worthy goal.

2nd award goes to Whangarei, New Zealand – Delaraine Armstrong, Betty Cherrington and  Margaret Tipene are awarded with GIS Cloud licences and promotion for a project in Pipiwai, Northland.

With their project named “Te Orewai Wahi Tapu”, they aim to make a GIS map of 4 tribal burial grounds with a goal to permanently digitally record each grave marker, location and name for the future record and safe keeping of their ancestors places of burial. This project was chosen for its relevance for local community and cultural context, also proving us how GIS software may be used for a great variety of causes.

3rd award goes to Depok, IndonesiaAdityo Dwijananto, Elida Nurrohmah, Priyanka Pradjna, Ranie Dwi Anugrah are awarded with GIS Cloud licences and promotion for a project in Jakarta. 

Their “Jakarta Flood Support for Better Preparedness” project aims to strengthen the community and people who live in Jakarta in facing the floods. Their project was also chosen for its relevance to the community, considering the geographical context of Jakarta which, being crossed by 13 rivers, is prone to severe flooding.


GIS Cloud’s Partners special award:

Spatial Vision - logo


Brendan Wyman (Australia) with a project Charleville Yumba will be awarded with GIS Cloud licences in collaboration with GIS Cloud’s partner, Spatial Vision. Brendan and Floyd Robinson hope to preserve and identify the location of residential places of where traditional Bidjara people lived on their country with the help of GIS and in collaboration with their local government.

Azim Bhutta (Australia) with a project Aiding First Aid in Melbourne, will also be awarded with GIS Cloud licences in collaboration with GIS Cloud’s partner, Spatial Vision.

Azim Bhutta aims to to encourage people to gain First Aid training with the help of GIS.


Matija Milec (Croatia) with a project Act Green – Waste management in City of Varaždin will be awarded with GIS Cloud licences in collaboration with GIS Cloud’s partner, Smart Cloud.


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GIS Day Stories Thu, 19 Nov 2015 20:15:46 +0000 Dear GIS Cloud Community,

we hope that you seized the opportunities of GIS Day happenings in your areas. This year, we decided to celebrate GIS Day by launching GIS Day Contest. 52 applicants from more than 20 countries applied with a project idea. The contest results will be published tomorrow on our blog.

Following yesterday’s happenings, we bring you three short reports covering GIS Day/Geography Awareness Week events in different parts of the world.

GIS Cloud’s partners from Australia, Spatial Vision, attended the 2015 International GIS Day in Brisbane at the Royal on the Park Hotel. They showcased GIS Cloud product at Stand 22.

Here are some pictures from the conference:


A week before, Spatial Vision took part in Mapped Out conference in Wagga Wagga (November 12th), where they also presented GIS Cloud’s products. Around 60 people attended the conference.  

Our Co-founder Marko Šantić held a presentation at GIS Day event in Zagreb, Croatia. He talked about GIS Cloud’s platform and benefits of using cloud GIS in contemporary business.


ATI-KOS has organized three workshops/mapathons in Kosovo:

  1. 16.11.2015 AAB College
  2. 17.11.2015 BONEVET Makerspace
  3. 18.11.2015 University for Business and Technology

They have trained around 90 persons in total. Main goal of the workshops was to discuss GIS and to discuss usage of GIS Data for research, analysis, public and private projects and other purposes. Participants also had a chance to learn about GIS Cloud solutions and using Map Editor, Map Viewer and Mobile Data Collection applications. Some of the other topics covered were a case study about Municipal project for identifying illegal buildings, possibilities of using aerial imagery for different purposes and integrating them to GIS tools. They also provided help with using OpenStreetMap.

Workshop was designed as a place which would provide useful information about GIS and its usage in everyday life for people of different ages and occupations. Special focus was on presenting ideas for helping people using collaborative maps for humanitarian aid and disaster preparedness.


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New Feature Brings Easier Management of User Licences Thu, 19 Nov 2015 15:29:07 +0000 We have released a new feature, available in GIS Cloud.

User Groups feature is used for simplifying the process of creating, managing and editing custom user groups for the purpose of assigning a set of permissions to all of the group members at once. In cases when there are many users on a project, using the user group feature significantly reduces the time and effort dedicated to management of user licences.

You can create and manage your groups in GIS Cloud Manager, under the Users & Groups tab.  After you click on ‘Groups’ button, you can enter the group(s) name and add any number of members to a group.

Group 4.2-s

It is also possible to create any number of subgroups with different permission levels. To create a subgroup, drag&drop existing group under the parent group. Parent group will inherit all permissions assigned to the child group.

Groups 5

In the GIS Cloud you can share maps and layers with different permissions. e.g. map is shared with view permission, and one of the layers is shared with edit permission.

Permissions are assigned in the Map Editor, Mobile Data Collection Portal or Maplim


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Mapping the GIS Day Contest Wed, 18 Nov 2015 17:08:02 +0000 Dear GIS Cloud Community!

Happy GIS Day to all. Following this occasion, we bring you an overview of GIS Day Contest applications on a map. We are very happy for the fact that many of you have applied for our GIS Day contest! GIS Day events reports from GIS Cloud and partners will be available on our blog tomorrow.

We remind you that GIS Day contest deadline for applications is today (00:00 h in your time zone). GIS Day contest results will be published this Friday (November 20th).

Apply here.


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Geography Awareness Week Mon, 16 Nov 2015 17:08:58 +0000 gis_day_1

In 2015., we celebrate Geography Awareness Week in the week of November 15 – 21. This manifestation started as a program organized by National Geographic Education Programs (NGEP) and has spread throughout the world in the last two decades. Each year on every third week of November, thousands of teachers, students, community activists and geographers organize and attend manifestations to celebrate Geography Awareness Week. Every year, one aspect of geography is highlighted as a theme. This year’s theme is “Explore! The Power of Maps!”

In 1999, GIS Day was incorporated in Geography Awareness Week. Geographic Information Systems serve as an important part of the landscape of contemporary Geography and that’s why we celebrate GIS Day with an agenda to promote and create knowledge about digital geographic tools for making smart geography-related decisions.

Celebrate GIS Day with GIS Cloud!

This year, we prepared a GIS Day Contest in honor of Geography Awareness Week. Our idea is to participate in raising Geography and GIS awareness by supporting best project ideas coming from students, geographers, activists, senior citizens and others who want to make a contribution to their communities and society in general with the help of GIS.

We will literally try to explore the power of maps in collaboration with people from all over the world who want to use geography to make a change.

Apply here.

At the same time, GIS Cloud’s partners in different parts of the world will participate in various GIS Day events. Some of these stories will be shared on our blog.

One other project we are preparing for Geo Awareness week will be revealed in the next few days. To find out more, follow our updates on twitter.


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GIS Day Contest Wed, 11 Nov 2015 17:29:42 +0000 We have prepared a surprise for incoming Geo Awareness week (15. – 21. November): a GIS Day contest!

The idea is to stimulate enthusiasm for geography & GIS by creating an opportunity for anyone who wants to use maps for doing meaningful work in their local community or society in general. We will select the best project idea and help contestants with the project realization.

shutterstock_297638411 copy2  

What do we offer?

Best project idea will be awarded with:

  • support in conducting the project idea (GIS Cloud apps for free, including storage and full user support)
  • project promotion
  • special surprise for the contestants after the project is finished

Who can apply?

Private citizens or Non-profit organizations. (Students, academic staff, activists, elementary and high school students, senior citizens…)


Examples of project ideas:


Note: You don’t have to worry about detailed project plan. We are rewarding an idea, not the fully elaborated project. GIS Cloud will provide an assistance with project elaboration and technical support for setting up the project. 


Deadline for applications: GIS Day – November 18th, 2015 (00:00 in your timezone) 
Results: November 20th, 2015 

If you have any questions about GIS Day contest, contact us here.


How to apply?

Just fill in the form below.

Apply here:


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Webinar Recording Available Online Tue, 10 Nov 2015 08:25:57 +0000 Dear GIS Cloud Community!

A video recording of our last week’s webinar “GIS Cloud as an Alternative to Google Maps Engine” is now available online. The presentation was followed by a discussion. We are happy that many of you have shown interest for our webinar and platform.

Stay tuned for more GIS Cloud updates on Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook.

For those who have missed the webinar and have a question for GIS Cloud’s team, you can send us an e-mail via contact form.


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A reminder: GIS Cloud’s Webinar Tomorrow Wed, 04 Nov 2015 15:49:26 +0000 Dear GIS Cloud Community,

We remind you that our “GIS Cloud as an Alternative to Google Maps Engine” webinar is tomorrow (November 5th) at 8:00am PST    11:00am EST    5:00 PM CET

You can register for webinar here:



webinar info


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Reinvent your workflow: GIS Cloud as an Alternative to Google Maps Engine Tue, 03 Nov 2015 16:07:05 +0000 shutterstock_221611603

It’s old news that Google Maps Engine will shut down its services on January 29, 2016. Soon after the announcement, a question about the alternatives was set in motion within and beyond the GIS community.

Google Maps Engine was mainly a platform which provided businesses cloud based services for editing and storing their geographic data built on Google base map. Google base map remained a standard for most users who wanted to visualize and process any kind of information associated to a location, but it wasn’t the same with Google Maps Engine as a cloud service. Many users who decided to work in cloud environment choose other services for manipulating the data often built on Google Maps base layer.

By all means, GIS Cloud is considered as one of the possible Google Maps Engine alternatives. Operating on the fastest map engine in the world, GIS Cloud’s platform offers a range of applications suitable for different working environments and users with different levels of experience. Most of the features are easy to master without any special training, which makes GIS Cloud a great option for improving the performance in all segments of an organization.


What are the key benefits of using GIS Cloud?

  • 100% collaboration environment – accessible anywhere, with any device, with no need of in-house servers or IT maintenance staff
  • GIS Cloud uses the fastest map engine available today, which allows you to create maps with millions of features, at the same time allowing hundreds of users to use application simultaneously while working on a project
  • All you need in one place: a platform offering everything from data collection to data publishing
  • Reinvent your workflows and reduce time, money and effort with real-time collaboration on maps
  • Easy to use even for non-GIS experts – no need for expensive trainings or hiring extra staff


Google Maps Engine Replacement

GIS Cloud Replacing Google Maps Engine from A – Z


  • Quick integration with Google Maps API – Users can build layers on top of Google basemaps in Map Editor and other GIS Cloud’s apps. Google Street View is supported and integrated in GIS Cloud platform, as well as Google Address Search. Want to integrate with other Google products? Let us know!
  • Customize your apps creating custom forms, fields and symbology. You can white label any GIS Cloud application with custom logo, style, layout and modules effortlessly – you don’t have to write a single line of code to do it.
  • Data Collection & Collaboration for reinventing your workflows – Use Mobile Data Collection for real-time field data collection. With only a few taps of your finger you can populate data into a map layer in real time. It’s an extra benefit of using GIS Cloud platform in comparison to Google Maps Engine platform. Use Maplim as a tool specially designed for real-time collaboration between different users, transforming your maps to online drawing boards.
  • Share your data in a blink of an eye – use Map Viewer for sharing private maps on computers, tablets and smartphones, or use Map Portal to share your data with a whole world on a customized white-labeled web portal. GIS Cloud offers unmatched map engine performance, loading a great amount of data faster than any available map engine existing on the market.

And last but not the least:

  • GIS Cloud offers you very cost-efficient solutions with a pricing model which fits your particular needs. There are no hidden costs, and most importantly, the pricing model allows you to pay only for what you need. For example, if you only need to share your mapping data with clients, there is no need to pay for the “full package” of map building apps because Map Viewer license is enough.

Have more questions about GIS Cloud’s platform as an Alternative to Google Maps Engine?     Attend our webinar: GIS Cloud as an Alternative to Google Maps Engine. (Thursday, November, 5th, 8:00am PST)



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