What’s New In Mobile Data Collection?

One of the best things that Mobile Data Collection Solution offers you is the fact that all the apps work together in order to achieve the best scenario for you. Our team is continuously working on new features that make your workflow faster and better. Check out some of the cool new MDC features we just released as well as how to use the inter compatibility of our apps.

For instance: Once you create a project in MDC Portal, you can open it in Map Editor, make edits, change base maps, add additional layers etc. All the changes you make in Map Editor will instantly be seen in MDC Portal, as well as in MDC app.

The idea here is to include all of your team members in the workflow. You are getting accurate information from the field in real time which makes your decision making efficient and timely. By adding more layers, your own base maps even, you get an insight into a given problem and achieve results much faster.

Cool new features in MDC:

  • Date and Time field- gives you the within app possibility of selecting the date and time
  • The data is formatted in a way that can easily be sorted once it’s exported
  • Use and associate photos from gallery to the data you collected directly in your app

Ssssssh, coming soon!
The upcoming 1.6.0 version will bring significant changes to offline maps, we’ll keep you posted!