New GIS Cloud User Manual

New, attractive and enriched GIS Cloud User Manual is now available on-line and for download as a PDF.
We’ve updated it to make it even easier for you to get started with the GIS Cloud applications.
It’s divided into app sections and its content is rich with media that can help you get around the apps.
Also the GIS Cloud developers’ site is continually being updated with the latest API upgrades. That site is meant to help developers to leverage the GIS Cloud platform, whether they’re taking advantage of the API’s integration with our applications or building their own.
In the GIS Cloud User Manual you can find examples and detailed tutorials that will help you to quickly learn, practice and find out about GIS Cloud capabilities. Of course, we are constantly updating the GIS Cloud User Manual with the new materials in terms of new features, tutorials and examples so feel free to share us your thoughts on what do you think should be the next tutorial.
You can send us your comments and suggestions at